Better Rain Suit for the Buck

We like Striker Brand outer wear. We have a ton of experience with Striker winter suits.  They are windproof, waterprof, breathable, warm, and they FLOAT.  When playing on the ice as we all do, these qualities are highly desireable and much lauded in the world of winter outdoor recreation.  Striker, along with their decent fit including longer sleeves, plus the extra features like pit-zips for ventilating and their incredibly unique, adjustable inseams on the pants or bibs, is the premier outdoor clothing designer in my opinion.  You CAN spend more money on a suit, but you won’t be getting a better suit.  Let me put it this way: spending more money will not get you a better suit, period.  Sure, due to all the different body shapes and sizes, you may find a suit in another brand that fits you like a glove, and that may be your reason for buying it – which makes sense.  But, despite having it cost more than a Striker suit, you still didn’t get more for the extra money spent.  Now, if it’s the only suit that fits you – wear it and be happy.  The point I’m making is that more money does not always mean better quality or function.  It just means more money.

This same thing applies to Souris River Canoes – you cannot spend more money and get a better canoe than a Souris River – but that’s a different post.

So, Striker came out with a rain suit.  It’s lighter weight than their 3-in-1 Climate Suit that converts into a rainsuit for open water season.  The Climate is a heavy suit and gets too hot during the summer months.  It’s good for spring/winter/fall.  But Strker’s new Elements line is a pretty nice suit.  If you would like to find out more about this rain suit, visit our gear review blog at the following link:

Striker Elements Rain Suit Review and Video

Striker Elements Zip-Off Pants
Striker Elements Zip-Off Pants