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Please call to order your Souris River from Red Rock  218-365-5489

Note:   Special order canoes that are cancelled will be charged all appropriate credit card merchant fees of 2.75% for any refunds that can actually be returned – for example: stock canoes that already exist in the warehouse and are not built specifically for the customers.  Canoes that have been ordered and which are built specifically for a customer cannot be refunded.   It’s a special order canoe and you will need to take delivery of it.   We’re sorry, but these are not easy times.  Credit card charges incurred by us occur when the canoe is purchased AND also for any returns.  Please do not take placing your order lightly.  We are not unique in our credit cart processing fees.  This is the case for all merchants who accept credit cards.  We get charged when you place the order and when you request a refund.  We will not bear that expense in the event of an order with a return.

Tranquility Solo15′ 5″
KEVLAR® 33 lbs.$2,495
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 33 lbs.$2,645
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 33 lbs.$2,945
Carbon-Tec  31 lbs.$3,145 
Quetico 1616′ 2″
KEVLAR® 42 lbs.$2,745
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 42 lbs.$2,895
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 42lbs.$3,195
Carbon-Tec  39 lbs. $3,395
Quetico 17 (Bestseller)17′ 3″
KEVLAR® 44 lbs.$2,795
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 44 lbs.$2,945
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 44 lbs.$3,245
Carbon-Tec  42 lbs. $3,445
Quetico 18.5 (two seats)18′ 5″
KEVLAR® 49 lbs.$2.945
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 49 lbs.$3,095
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 49 lbs$3,395
Carbon-Tec  47 lbs. $3,595
Wilderness 1818′
KEVLAR® 46 lbs.$2,845
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 46 lbs.$2,995
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 46 lbs.$3,295
Carbon-Tec 44 lbs.  $3,495
Prospector 1616′
KEVLAR® 40 lbs.$2,745
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 40 lbs.$2.895
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 40 lbs.$3,195
Carbon-Tec  38 lbs. $3,395
Prospector17′ 5″
KEVLAR® 44 lbs.$2,845
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 44 lbs.$2,995
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 44 lbs.$3,295
Carbon-Tec  42 lbs.$3,495 
Skeena16′ 8″
Whitewater KEVLAR® 64 lbs.$3,195
Whitewater Le Tigre 50 lbs.$3,045
Flatwater KEVLAR® 50 lbs.$3,045
Flatwater Le Tigre  50 lbs. $3,195
Kingfisher Square Stern KEVLAR®17′55 lbs.$3,300
Le Tigre KEVLAR® 55 lbs.$3,400
Woven-Colour (Tigre or KEVLAR®) 55 lbs.$3,500
Carbon-Tec 53 lbs.$3,700




2 thoughts on “CANOE PRICES 2019

  1. Steve March 25, 2018 / 2:15 pm

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a canoe. Do you have any winter sale models? Any information about purchasing process would be welcome. Thank you, Steve


    • Red Rock March 28, 2018 / 1:27 pm

      We will have a spring special going on in the first weeks of April


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