This is Red Rock

The site you are now reading is Souris River Dealer.  This is our culmination of Souris River Canoes PLUS canoeing-in-general information that has been readily available at our flagship site,   Red Rock has been and remains the leader of the internet in all things “canoe” with all of our free information about the subject as it pertains to the more modern world of canoes in a wilderness setting and on flat water.  We hail from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness after all, in the canoe capital of the world, Ely, Minnesota.  We sell lightweight kevlar Souris River Canoes because they perform ridiculously well in general flatwater conditions along with all the challenges wilderness can bring.  Plus, they are lightweight and are easy to portage (which means to carry around the whitewater on one’s shoulders.  Incidentally Boundary Waters whitewater will kill you and is un-paddle-able.  That is why the Indians made portages.  (It’s not hard to understand and yet so many do not.).

This is an 18 year old canoeing work-in-progress.  This new site should make it easier to find.

So, check out our posts and come back often.  We’ll continue to add articles in our blog posts as the subjects and time allows.  Hope you find it all helpful!

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2 thoughts on “This is Red Rock

  1. dave April 29, 2015 / 9:27 pm

    My browser does not allow me to get to your site. It tells me that it is an insecure site. How do I find out about top-ties and its pricing & delivery to Houston, Texas?


    • rrwselymn April 29, 2015 / 10:04 pm

      we have switched to a new hosting site. just type in your the browser bar on top and that will take you to our new secure site, it takes a while for the search engines to be updated.


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